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Email Signature Wealth Builder Site Purchase Instructions


Step #1 -  Make Your $8 One-time Purchase via PayPal

1.) Login to your account

2.) Click "Send" or "Send Money"

3.) Select "Pay for Goods and Services"

4.) Enter Email Address:

5.) In the section "Add a Note" enter: "Email Signature Website"

6.) Also in "Add a Note" enter: XXXXXXX (your actual SignaSource referral code)

7.) Enter the Amount of $8.00 (USD) and "Confirm" and Then "Send"


Step #2 - Send Your Email Request and Website Details
                (This Step is Mandatory for Us to Build Your Site)

1.) Send an Email to:

2.) In the Body of the Email Enter:
      a.) Your SignaSource Referral Code,
      b.) your 1st choice for prefix username you want
            i.e., or
      c.) your 2nd choice for prefix username you want
            i.e., or

3.) Submit Any Questions You Have and Then Send Your Email

NOTE: You Will Receive an Email Within 48 Hours When Your Site is Live
(usually 4 to 12 hours and often times even less)


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